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A peer-reviewed academic journal was recently duped in a hilarious way. Two academics, Peter Boghossian and James Lindsay, recently used pen names to submit an academic paper to a peer-reviewed academic journal to expose the absurdity of modern gender studies by arguing that the male reproductive organ known as the penis is a "social construct."

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generator pmg wicket: Topics by WorldWideScience.org Designed permanent magnet generator ( PMG - 20 kW) possesses a number of advantages: it makes possible to replace gearbox, the generator and possibly the hub of the wind turbine by combining wind rotor with external rotor of the generator… OpenAI Text Generator OpenAI has the entire AI community debating its decision to not release the fully trained version of its powerful new text generator model dubbed GPT-2. I'm going to explain how GPT-2 works using code, math, and animations. Samantha-dragon's Journal | DeviantArt DeviantArt is the world's largest online social community for artists and art enthusiasts, allowing people to connect through the creation and sharing of art. OrgoNet: srpna 2008

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Oct 4, 2018 ... One paper, published in a journal called Sex Roles, said that the author had ... the three authors of the fake papers wrote in an article in the online .... by a teenage angst poetry generator”), noted that the article was based on ...

Feb 14, 2019 ... View codeRead paper ... This allows the user to generate realistic and coherent continuations about a topic of their choosing, as seen ..... are reducing the cost of generating fake content and waging disinformation campaigns. New on the snarXiv Therefore, substantial progress has been made in recent papers reformulating supersymmetric CFTs dimensionally reduced on Ext^n(\Q,\Z) orbifolds of Spin(4)  ... Neural User Response Generator: Fake News Detection with ... - IJCAI to article text from historical user responses which it can use to generate responses to new articles in order to assist fake news detection. We conduct. Certificate Magic - Free certificate generator

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Gene Stanley is a prolific and influential physicist who has been one of the biggest pioneers of interdisciplinary science of the last several decades. His H-Index is an obscene 111.