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Since so many people have complained about it, I will in this description show you the difference between a hyphen and an underscore: half-baked (the hyphen is between the words half and baked) How Do I Underline Using My Keyboard? | In most PC word processing programs, you can underline text as you type by pressing keyboard shortcuts. To underline existing text, highlight the text before pressing the keyboard shortcut. Use a keyboard shortcut to start underlining. On a PC, type U while holding down the Control key to start underlining as you type. How do I underscore or underline a letter or number ...

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Names that begin with an underscore followed by an upper-case character are also reserved for the C++

6 Easy Ways to Put Accents on Letters - wikiHow How do I type a letter with an accent on a laptop? Underline or underscore a letter or letters and or numbers in a online... I have been given a password that has a letter underlined or underscored. Word 2010 - How to do an underscore How I can do underscore? You have at least two possibilities: Simultaneously press the Alt + 95 Press the right Shift key and the key with the How Do You Put a Line Under a Letter on the Computer?

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TextAttribute: Underline and strike through : Text Layout ... TextAttribute: Underline and strike through : Text Layout « 2D Graphics GUI « Java. Home; ... TextHitInfo Demo: tell you which is the letter you are clicking: 9. HTML Underline Code Underline Any HTML Element. You can use the CSS border-bottom property to add an underline to any HTML element. Actually, it's not really an underline. It's simply a border that runs along the bottom of the element.

It allows you not only to underline some segments of text with dotted lines, but also to alternate underlined text with plain text on the same line, add smaller text right under the line, assign very easily the desired format to each separate cell, organize the text neatly, create facing pages and finally create side borders for the passport.

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Stefan Kottwitz. The underscore package could be useful if you frequently write undersores in text. Have a look at Special LaTeX characters for further symbols. An inequality sign is a math symbol. Just write \ ( \neq \) or the like in your text, or use $ like in $\neq$. I guess you don't want to strike out a normal equal sign. What Is the Difference Between an Underline & an Underscore ... Underline. An underline is a horizontal line that goes under a word or character This is an example of an underline. Underlines are usually used in HTML to signify hyperlinks. MLA style guidelines state that underlines must be used to identify books and other reference material. Underlines are also used stylistically to add emphasis. c# - How to put underline under button name - Stack Overflow I have button with name "itemname", and now I want to put underline just under character "i" in "itemname", but I don't know how I should do this. Could anyone please tell me how? math mode - How to add text under symbol in equation ? - TeX ... Note how I used \limits to force the subscript under the operator in inline mode (if you think you need \limits, think again — maybe the defaults look better after all!). If you find that the subscripted expression is too long and introduces excessive whitespace, use the \smashoperator macro from the mathtools package.